About Jayashree Shukla Dasgupta

Jayashree Shukla Dasgupta is a Partner in the firm Dhir&Dhir Associates, has been associated with the firm for nearly 10 years. Her areas of expertise are banking and finance laws, securitization related matters, recovery of debts, land acquisition matters, matters arising out of family disputes of the biggest corporate groups in India, permanent & mandatory injunction suits, breach of contract suits, letter of credit suits, defamation suits, declaration and specific performance and arbitration matters. Apart from arguing matters herself and briefing seniors, she also advises and gives strategic opinions on all above issues to her clients. She regularly represents various companies / corporate groups before various High Courts, various DRTs and DRATs, Supreme Court, Consumer Forums & National Consumer Commission, BIFR and AAIFR. She is also an active member of ‘INSOL India’ and the ‘International Women's Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation’.

Religious Rights Versus Women’s Rights in India


The efforts of Goolrukh Gupta, a Parsi woman who married outside her community, to be allowed entry into the ‘Fire Temple’ and ‘Tower of Silence’, to attend the last rites of her parents has brought into focus the peculiar struggle that exists in India of Religious Rights of Women.

The Parsi community is […]

Impounding of A Passport – Ambiguity of Applicable Laws Vis. a Vis. Defaulter’s Delight

“Personal liberty is the liberty of an individual to behave as one pleases except for those restraints imposed by laws and codes of conduct of the society in which one lives to safeguard the physical, moral, political, and economic welfare of others. For instance, liberty of an individual which consists in the power of locomotion, […]

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