Religious Rights Versus Women’s Rights in India


The efforts of Goolrukh Gupta, a Parsi woman who married outside her community, to be allowed entry into the ‘Fire Temple’ and ‘Tower of Silence’, to attend the last rites of her parents has brought into focus the peculiar struggle that exists in India of Religious Rights of Women.

The Parsi community is […]

Impounding of A Passport – Ambiguity of Applicable Laws Vis. a Vis. Defaulter’s Delight

“Personal liberty is the liberty of an individual to behave as one pleases except for those restraints imposed by laws and codes of conduct of the society in which one lives to safeguard the physical, moral, political, and economic welfare of others. For instance, liberty of an individual which consists in the power of locomotion, […]

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The article reflects the position of law as on 17 January 2017.

  1. Introduction

The growing scale of operations of the Indian corporate sector has increased the demand for commercial buildings, residential properties and spaces including warehouses and shopping centres. This surge in demand has consequently fuelled the need to expand investment in the real estate sector.

Traditionally, […]

Aadhaar: A Barter Of Rights With Benefits And Analysis Of The Puttuswamy Judgement

“only when we believe that nobody else is watching us do we feel free — safe — to truly experiment, to test boundaries, to explore new ways of thinking and being, to explore what it means to be ourselves… for that reason, it is in the realm of Privacy where creativity, dissent, and challenges to […]

“Debenture Trustee”- Position, Powers and Duties


A debenture trustee is a person or an entity who is responsible for issuance and distribution of debentures and that serves as the holder of debenture stock for the benefit of another party. He shall play a role of a guardian to the debenture holders. The debenture trustee shall be unbiased […]


Nine Justices of the Supreme Court unanimously declared that “Privacy” is a Fundamental Right and protected as such by the Constitution. This harmonious pronouncement is as important to the jurisprudence of our land as the law it has laid down. On analyzing the judgment the thought that springs to one’s mind is “Oh! […]

Integrating Global Trade in Agriculture with Human Rights


  1. The buzz words of the nineteen nineties were ‘liberalization’, ‘privatization’ and ‘globalization’. Trade was globalized, be it trade in goods, services, intellectual property, investment or agriculture. Has globalization of agriculture secured the Indian masses food and livelihood security or has it resulted in widespread and chronic hunger, malnutrition and sickness? […]
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Tax Issues Relating to Redevelopment of Immovable Properties


  1. Till the 1970’s, Builders often purchased land outright and did not enter into Development Agreements. However, Development Agreements in relation to immovable properties became very important in a legal sense, with the promulgation of the Urban Land (Ceilings and Regulation) Act, 1976. Under this law, land in excess of […]